Space Face

by The Electric Nature



Recorded December 2010

Artwork by Selene Shifter


released January 1, 2011

"Space Face" music video by Skeehn -

"Atlanta's The Electric Nature has the psychedelic drone & garage tip on lock. The dude has released three free albums this month, and each one is just as worth listening to as the next. Space Face takes you on an industrial cruise line through astral caverns sparkling with fool's gold and amethyst; Ocean Portal Waveform uses tape splicing and mellow instrumentation to create soothing, sometimes harsh atmospheres; and Forest Portal Tapestry really kicks in with scuzzy garage bangers amongst slow-pedaled drones. If these three aren't enough for you (they weren't for me) then keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming tape release on Mind Awake Body Asleep as well."

Jheri Evans, Get Off The Coast

"Michael Potter has made a name for himself locally as a former member of the Back Pockets and as the current guitarist for psych-folk outfit, Howl Ye!. But perhaps his best and most inventive work has been reserved for his experimental bedroom project, the Electric Nature. With a full-length record, an EP and a single already available for download through his Bandcamp page, it’s clear that Potter keeps himself busy. Judging from the variety of sounds he cobbles together — drone, lo-fi fuzz, space rock, psychedelic noise, electronica, tape loops and field recordings — it’s also evident that he sets no boundaries for himself. Everything is fair game. On his latest single, “Space Face,” Potter utilizes a pulsing electric bass line and a rattling programmed beat to stabilize and ground his ambient excursions into the nether regions of electronic psych-rock. When that soaring guitar finally floats in from the distance and the song’s many layers start weaving around one another, it makes for one beguiling and ecstatic mess of beautiful noise. Listen to this with headphones on and the lights low."

Moe Castro, Latest Disgrace



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The Electric Nature Athens, Georgia

Michael Potter has been recording noise, drone, and experimental music since the mid-1990s. Taking up the name The Electric Nature sometime in the late aughts, he has used the moniker for several different groups of live performers as well as a plethora of home and studio recordings. ... more

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